Working Daughter’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is May 12 this year and we’ve got gift recommendations for your older mother, your mother who has dementia, and for you or any other mother in your life. For ideas on how to spend the day as your navigating caregiving, read our article Celebrating Mother’s Day As A Working Daughter.

Gifts for Older Mothers

This gem of a gift makes our list every year because it is just so special. A collection of 12 letters prompts her to write personal, heartfelt letters to her family. From Amazon.

Give her an Aura Digital Picture Frame and send photos and videos directly from your phone to her digital frame. Invite family and friends to add photos too. From Amazon.

This acrylic bird feeder from Nature anywhere brings the beauty of the outdoors right to her window. It includes suction cups to attach to the window pane, a sliding feed tray for easy refilling and cleaning, and a large viewing hole for close-up views of birds. From Amazon.

jigsaw puzzle

This set of 3 large piece jigsaw puzzles will entertain her for hours. Based on beautiful designs from artist Ruane Manning. From Amazon.

Gifts for Moms With Dementia

These companion cats from Joy For All have real cat-like movements and sounds. They respond to their owners with purring and they can open and close their eyes, lift their paws, and move their head and body. From Amazon.

large print clock and calendar

Help keep her oriented to the date and time with this large display digital clock. From Amazon.

fidget blanket

Fidget blankets will keep her hands and mind busy. From Amazon.

Gifts for Any Mom In Your Life

silk pillowcase

When did sleep get so challenging? At least she’ll wake up beautiful because this 100% Mulbery silk pillowcase doesn’t cause sleep lines or wrinkles and keeps hair smooth and untangled. From Amazon.

We just love these decorative trays from Kate and Laurel Lipton and we think she will too. They dress up a kitchen island, bedroom bureau, home office, or dining room sideboard. From Amazon.

As good as gold – that’s what she is. Letter her know you think so with this engraved bangle from Kate Spade. From Amazon.


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