Working Daughterhood in GIFs

Are you new to working daughterhood? Do you know a working daughter and wonder why she never returns your calls? Do you work with a working daughter and wonder why she takes so many personal calls in the supply closet? We explain what it’s really like to be a working daughter, balancing career and eldercare – in GIFs!


When you ask your sister to help with your parents but she says she needs to do her laundry.

When the nurse isn’t being attentive to your parent and you have to intervene.


When you screw up at work because you are so sleep deprived.

When the doctor tells you to collect a stool sample from your mother.

When caring for your parents makes you revert to your childhood.

How you feel every morning when you wake up.


If you were going to be perfectly honest.

When your siblings second guess you.

When you actually get through to the health insurance rep on the phone.

How you feel at the end of each day.

When you think you can perform at work but you are too overwhelmed by life.

When non- caregivers tell you caregiving is a blessing.

When the doctor gives you bad news but you need to be strong.

When you successfully advocate for your elderly parents like a BOSS.

How you feel about pretty much everyone.

When your coworker says, “I know your parent is in hospice and all but you haven’t been a team player.” (true story)

When your husband says the wrong thing.

When you finally get a night out.


When the client tells you they know your mother just died but they need your full attention (also a true story!).

When you take a moment and acknowledge that you are AMAZING!



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  1. Rena McDaniel Reply

    Liz that was so hilariously true! Most people just don’t get it! I’m sharing this everywhere!

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