Working Daughter Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Looking for the perfect gift for your parents, your kids, your boss, the nursing home staff, or maybe just for you? Look no further. We’ve got ideas for everyone on your list in our 2017 Working Daughter Holiday Gift Guide.

For your Mom:

Spoil the woman who gave you life with this ultra luxurious whipped butter from Made Organics. White Lavender Truffle feels as decadent as it sounds. And it’s made of natural and organic ingredients.  Yes it’s been on our gift guide before because it is truly that fantastic. $25 from Made Organics

For your Dad:

My Dad never felt dressed without his wristwatch. Give yours a new watch that doubles as a medication reminder. WatchRX will vibrate and display pictures of his medication when it’s time to take them. It also has a built-in phone so you can call to check in and a GPS tracker so you can make sure he doesn’t wander. $149 plus a monthly subscription fee starting at $29.99 from WatchRX

For the person with Dementia:

Research shows that music has a positive impact on people with dementia by reminding them of earlier times and lifting their mood. Buy them an Amazon Echo and ask Alexa to play music from their youth when you are visiting from Amazon*

For the Grandkids:

Prepare them to be future compassionate caregivers with these craft boxes from Little Loving Hands. Kids make the crafts and then donate the finished item to charity. Along with the supplies and instructions for creating the final craft to be donated, each box contains materials for teaching children about who they are helping, how and why. $28 from Little Loving Hands

For your Daughter:

She’s ready to wear makeup, so get her hooked on organic, non toxic products from the start. Aisling Cosmetics Cheek Tint highlights cheek bones but can also add color to eye lids and lips. Plus it’s 100% natural, 90% certified organic, and it’s gluten, vegan, and cruelty free. $29 from Aisling Cosmetics

For your Son:

Prepare him for adulthood and sharpen his wardrobe and mind at the same time with this U.S. Constitution tie. We all could use a little reminder from Amazon*

For your Husband:

Bring some laughter into your lives with this fun new game What Do You Meme? from Amazon*

For the Professional Caregiver:

She may have to work the holiday shift, but you can help her get into the spirit with this beautiful, sustainable, soy candle from The Optimist Co. We love the rosemary and mint scent – it’s smells festive but natural and it’s toxin-free. $26 from Optimist Co.

For your Bestie:

If she’s your bestie, than surely she loves shoes as much as you do. Surprise her with a stylish pair of hand-crafted espadrilles. The Olivia from Junipo is made of vegan leather and braided natural jute and has a padded cinnamon insole to keep feet fresh and comfortable all day. $85 from Junipo

For your Sister:

We just love this scented soy candle from Ms. Betty. But it’s only for a true sister who does her fair share of caregiving! $19 from Etsy

For your Boss:

Let her know you appreciate her understanding and flexibility, and reinforce her good behavior, with this feminist pencil set. $8 from Etsy

And of course, the Working Daughter Holiday Gift Guide wouldn’t be complete without a gift for you:

Isn’t it perfect? $12.35 from Amazon*

*These are affiliate links, meaning I could get a commission if you purchase these products.


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