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How are you supporting your caregiving employees?

Three out of four employees have some type of current caregiving responsibility, creating challenges at work and at home.

A 2019 report from Harvard Business School highlights this “caregiving crisis” American companies are facing. It notes:

“Women who work outside the home and those who work within the home shoulder a disproportionate share of caregiving responsibilities. That impedes them in several ways:

  • in their ability to participate in the workforce as traditionally defined
  • in their ability to remain in the workforce
  • and in their ability to maximize their level of achievement in the workplace.

All that depletes the talent pool of educated, experienced, and productive resources.”

This talent drain costs American businesses. Companies lose $17.1 billion annually in lost productivity due to caregiving. Replacing working daughters who leave due to caregiving costs companies $3.3 billion. And caregiver stress results in an 8 – 10% increase in healthcare costs.

Working Daughter is fixing that.

While many companies have taken steps to support workers who are parents, very few have programs in place to support workers with parents. Working Daughter at Work remedies that.

We work with companies to:

  • Build community and network
  • Create a caring culture
  • Increase engagement and retention of caregiving employees
  • Optimize performance and productivity

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