Do You Think the CDC Should Track Caregiver Stress? Sign the Petition

stress2Do you think the Center for Disease Control should track caregiver stress? Denise Brown, founder of, does and she’s organized an effort to make it happen.

According to a petition she posted on, Brown believes, “If we understand how many family caregivers are stressed and the reasons for their stress, we have data to lobby for effective solutions and programs to help family caregivers.” After all, argues Brown, unpaid, family caregivers provide critical care – administering meds, cleaning wounds, monitoring health, and are a key part of the healthcare ecosystem. And, “even if 10 percent of family caregivers feel stressed, we still have more than 6 million overworked, unpaid and unsupported individuals providing health care.”

If you want the CDC to track caregiver stress, sign the petition here.



2 comments on “Do You Think the CDC Should Track Caregiver Stress? Sign the Petition”

  1. Brooke mckibbin Reply

    Why should the CDC monitor a family caregiver? Caregiving is not a disease sometimes it’s not even an choice, sometimes life throws curve balls at you and you have to adapt and overcome. As a caregiver to my mother in law and recently having my step son move in with my husband and I permanently; life is more stressful now than ever; raising a 13 year old boy who only came every other weekend, now full time; the high demands of being a caregiver of a 70 year old woman who is very ill constantly stirring the pot in our marriage and trying to act like a 3rd parent; I’m not co parenting just with my husband but the mother to my step son the step father to my step son and now my mother in law! My husband is is 44 year old army veteran; COVID 19 killed us financially and put my husband in a arrears after not extending the EUC benefit; my husband lost his job back in September of 2019; to no fault of his own; he finally found a job that doesn’t pay a third of what he’s used to making and CS enforcement is taking 60% of his pay check every two weeks. Essentially working for nothing, waiting for paperwork the court doesn’t deem important to get rid of his CS obligation; the child lives with us and we are paying the child’s mother support until the court decides to hear this case which could take another 45 days. Mind the fact that they took the stimulus check and state return which put him up to date in arrears; they are starting that it could take 6-8 weeks to get the money off of hold and another 4-6 to get it back. So now I’m a full time caregiver and step mother with RA, my marriage is failing bc of all the stress. The CDC doesn’t need to monitor my stress the government needs to work more swiftly in urgent matters such as this; my step sons mother called child support enforcement to find out how to emancipate the order immediately seeing how this was becoming taxing on us who Were asked by her to take over custody due to serious issues for the child with his brothers and sisters at home. Still no help; still no EUC help, we only have a 90% disability check coming from the VA that we can’t even add our child or parent to 1.) because of the support order and change in custodial matter 2.) because my mother in law gets alimony from her second marriage. Yet we are the ones who claim her year after year. So the CDC no, something or someone else needs to help people and many who are in a situation like this or similar to this; do you understand how much stress it would eliminate?

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