The Working Daughter Guide to Summer

Summertime. The livin’ may be easy, but the life of a working daughter is not. Still, you can make the most of the warm weather and long days. And to help you, we’ve compiled this roundup of articles to help you plan a vacation, or a daycation, balance your kids’ needs with your parents’ needs, and have some fun.

How To Take A Vacation When You Are A Caregiver Taking a vacation means planning ahead and managing the guilt of leaving your elderly parents behind. We walk you through how to make it happen relatively guilt free.

How to Take A Vacation: Regardless of Corporate Culture or Caregiving Duties   When our company’s culture doesn’t embrace time off, it can feel uncomfortable, and sometimes even be detrimental, to take a break. We share 5 ways to make that vacation a reality.

6 Tips for Vacationing With Elderly Parents (and Young Kids) Planning a multigenerational get away? We’ve got some helpful advice to make the vacation work for everyone – even you!

How To Find Respite Care. Respite care is temporary help for your caregiving duties. It can be someone who cares for your family member a few hours a week for several weeks. It can be a senior living facility that takes residents for two weeks to thirty days so you can travel or take a real break. It can be what keeps you from losing your job, your marriage, your mind. It’s a wonderful thing. Here’s how to find it.

8 Daycation Ideas for Working Daughters. A week away just isn’t going to happen this summer? Then go ahead and plan a few fun days off. Introducing the daycation!


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