The Obligatory “What I’m Thankful For” Post

Happy Thanksgiving Working Daughters! I want you to know, I am thankful for you.

I started this site and our Facebook group one year ago, and I am thankful that we continue to grow each month because, “No one should do this alone!”

I am thankful for those long days when I don’t log onto my computer until late at night and I see how this community has lifted each other up throughout the day and that lifts me up.

I am thankful for your wisdom and experiences.

I am thankful that the national conversation about family caregivers is growing.

I am thankful for like-minded thinkers like Anne at Daughterhood.

I am thankful that my 90 year old father is spending Thanksgiving with me and his grandchildren.

I will always be thankful that I was able to care for my mother at her end of life.

I am thankful for the skills I have acquired as a family caregiver.

I am thankful that, like so many other working daughters, I have superhuman strength that help me do what I need to do (even if most days I don’t feel that strong).

I am thankful for my cousins. You know that village that it takes? That would be them.

I am thankful for elected officials who are advocating for family caregivers and policies to support us.

I am thankful for business leaders who are making space for people to both live their lives and earn a living.

I am thankful for writers like Ann Brenoff at The Huffington Post who are telling it like it is when it comes to family caregiving. (Although I am sorry that Ms. Brenoff has to be a family caregiver at all.)

I am thankful for my kids, who understand that being a working daughter is as much a part of my identity as being a working mother, but that I am still my own person.

I am thankful that Oreos pair with wine and one of these days I will share my pairings with you!

I am just so damn thankful. Thank you!



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