Talking To A Parent with Dementia Who Is In Lock Down Due To COVID-19

If you’ve heard our podcast episode with Teepa Snow, you know I consider her to be the Beyonce of Dementia. If you haven’t, check it out for great, practical advice on caring for someone with dementia. Teepa runs the Positive Approach to Care company which develops awareness, knowledge, and skill for people involved in dementia care and she has made a great video about talking to a parent with dementia who is in lock down due to COVID-19.

If your parent has dementia and lives in a skilled nursing facility or assisted living that has restricted outside visitors due to the coronavirus outbreak, watch the clip below. Caregiving during coronavirus requires extra skills. This clip is relevant for parents who are isolated at home as well. Teepa’s team role plays what is a typical scenario for many dementia caregivers – explaining to a parent why you cannot visit right now, and, answering multiple phone calls on the same topic.

This is a great watch for working daughters, and sons, who are struggling right now because they cannot see their parent and fear their mother or father might feel abandoned.

For more resources on caring through the COVID-19 crisis read:


4 comments on “Talking To A Parent with Dementia Who Is In Lock Down Due To COVID-19”

  1. Diane D Reply

    Much needed coaching at this time. Showing the awkward conversation at the beginning is important – b/c we can all relate to that experience and that emotion! – but the video spent too much time showing the ‘awkward’ conversation.
    What would have been better:- Rather than just ‘telling’ about the more constructive strategies – it would have been really helpful to actually model them in the vignette – them repeat ‘oh, now what did the daughter do here” that was better.

  2. Vicki Hughes Reply

    My 83 year-old mother has become like a zombie at times. It also seems she has no respect for me as she keeps doing things I ask daily not to do. She was not like this before. I’m trying to get her to the doctor but she only wants to go to her primary doctor because she wants a doctor that she can drive to. She doesn’t listen any more and this just started. Help…

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