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Working Daughter Interview: Cindy Martindale

Cindy Martindale is the author of Graceful Last Chapters: Helping Seniors Who Need More Care as well as the owner of Martindale Copywriting. She worked for many years as a sales and marketing director in senior living communities. Where and when do you feel most competent? Writing makes me feel competent, and it’s my best communication. It’s […]

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Working Daughter Interview: Petrina Hollingsworth

Petrina Hollingsworth juggles her job as a technical science editor, her role as a mother to two sons ages 8 and 12, and her responsibilities to her mother who moved to a senior living facility after the death of Petrina’s father. She is a full-fledged member of the sandwich generation, telling me, “More than once, I […]

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5 Workplace Policies That Make Life Easier for Family Caregivers

What makes a good work environment for working daughters and sons? Jennifer Owens, editorial director of Working Mother magazine, shared the five workplace policies that make life easier for new parents with Mashable and it got me thinking, what are the best workplace policies that make life easier for family caregivers? Here are my recommendations – […]

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Twitter chat

Join Our Twitter Chat TONIGHT 11/17

TONIGHT on Twitter we’re talking about how to balance caring for aging parents with career, kids and life. Please join us as we discuss how to get flexibility at work, how to prepare for a crisis, ways to practice self care. Follow me @hello_ladies and use #workingdaughter. I’ll be giving away some of my favorite […]

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Phyllis Myung

The Working Daughter Interview: Phyllis Myung

Phyllis Myung is a freelance communications and social media consultant and a blogger at Napkin Hoarder. Phyllis is learning to prioritize self care, but still struggles with caregiver guilt. Where and when do you feel most competent? Probably at church – the expectation is not to be perfect, so I feel like I can stand […]

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In Fact I Do Want to Build a Snowman

As a working mother, I get it; last winter was almost our undoing. My Facebook feed was full of friends clinging to sanity like a snowflake clings to an eyelash. These women were done. Done with the shoveling. Done with the cabin fever. Done with arts and crafts and glitter and glue guns. Done with the hats and mittens […]

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I’m An Adult Now

When did you first know you were an adult? SheKnows asked me that question and I answered here. It had nothing to do with mothering and everything to do with daughtering. What was your aha moment?

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