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caregiving advice

The Best Caregiving Advice I Ever Received

Caregiving advice: usually well-intentioned, seldom useful, but occasionally spot on. When I was in the thick of a caregiving crisis – both of my parents were very sick and transitioning out of their home at the same time – I wished I could hand out cards to friends and family that said, “Hugs and support […]

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Mister Spock

5 Tips for Managing Your Emotions At Work          

  For years I thought I was rather unemotional. Boy was I wrong. I blame my lack of insight on Mr. Spock and the fact that I dined with the first officer of the starship Enterprise most nights of my youth. My father was a Trekkie and so my family watched Star Trek reruns while […]

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Hack Alert: CareZips

When Molly Dye moved her mother, who had Alzheimer’s, into a skilled nursing facility, she was determined to improve the process of changing an adult diaper. “After watching my mother and her caregiver struggle with her condition of incontinence and wearing the adult briefs; I gasped and immediately thought there has got to be a […]

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Caregiver News Roundup Jan 3, 2016

Happy New Year! In case you missed it, here’s a roundup of caregiver related stories and news from around the web: Pacific Business News has an interesting read on the pros and cons of proposed hospital patient discharge planning rules which would require in-hospital caregiver training before a patient is discharged. Chronogram has a great overview of what […]

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What to Say to Someone Who is Dying

A woman I know recently posted on Facebook that her friend had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and given a very short time to live. “I am going to visit her tomorrow. What do I say?” the woman asked. What do you say to someone who is dying? Most doctors and hospice workers will tell you there […]

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Being Mortal book cover

Book Review: Being Mortal a Must-Read for Caregivers

A nurse practitioner who works with the elderly told me Being Mortal by Atul Gawande is, “perhaps the most important book of our times,” and I agree. Gawande, a surgeon at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital and a bestselling author, gives us an unflinching look at illness and death and suggests a better path forward […]

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exhausted working daughter

Hope for Working Caregivers: More Employee Benefits

“Elder care is a lot like being a parent in some respects but without the joy.” So said Janet James, a working daughter, in a Washington Post article titled, “Aging population prompts more employers to offer elder-care benefits to workers.” While James’ comment is sobering, the article is hopeful and outlines a number of companies that are addressing the […]

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