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working daughter interview

Working Daughter Interview: Karen Bromberg

After Hurricane Sandy flooded Karen Bromberg’s elderly parents’ house, her roles as their caregiver kicked into high gear. It’s no wonder her motto is, “It is what it is, until it is something else.” Stay tuned for Karen’s new online resource for caregivers, helpyouthru.com, launching in April and inspired by her own experiences. With what do you struggle? Feeling out […]

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caregiver news

Caregiver News Roundup Feb. 7, 2016

In case you missed it, here is the news from around the web related to caregivers. The AARP published a great article about how family dynamics inform our caregiving. I particularly love this part, “Make decisions based on your values, not old scores…Living that value through caregiving doesn’t completely erase the pain of a flawed […]

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