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Working Daughter Interview: Jana Panarites

Jana Panarites is the founder of Agewyz Media Group, author of Scattered: My Year As An Accidental Caregiver and host of The Agewyz Podcast, a weekly interview series featuring lively conversations with experts in the field of aging and people caring for a loved one amid the demands of the own lives. Where and when […]

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Working Daughter Interview: Donna Thomson

Donna Thomson cares for her son and her mother. She is the author of The Four Walls of My Freedom: Lessons I’ve Learned From a Life of Caregiving. Donna also consults on family caregiving to both home health and hospital group and sits on several boards relating to health research and networks of support for families giving care. She […]

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Caregiver News Roundup Jan. 31, 2016

In case you missed them, here are some stories about caregiving from the news this week. Anne at Daughterhood.org shared a list of “Essential Websites for the Daughterhood Journey.” It’s a comprehensive list of resources that cover medical, financial and inspirational information. Have you heard of exoskeletons? Worldcrunch has a fascination article about this innovation […]

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Working Daughter Interview: Cindy Martindale

Cindy Martindale is the author of Graceful Last Chapters: Helping Seniors Who Need More Care as well as the owner of Martindale Copywriting. She worked for many years as a sales and marketing director in senior living communities. Where and when do you feel most competent? Writing makes me feel competent, and it’s my best communication. It’s […]

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Working Daughter Interview: Denise Brown

Denise M. Brown is the founder and owner of the fantastic site, CareGiving.com. She is the author of several books including “The Caregiving Years, Six Stages to a Meaningful Journey” and “Take More Comfort, Reflections of Hope for Caregivers.” Where and when do you feel most competent? I feel competent when I’m organizing and delegating. I also […]

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Do You Have a Caregiver Fitbit?

Do you have a Caregiver Fitbit? Of course not. They don’t exist. But you must read this very funny account of life as a caregiver in The New Yorker including how to use your Caregiver Fitbit to earn your Caregiver Sainthood. Enjoy!

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Phyllis Myung

The Working Daughter Interview: Phyllis Myung

Phyllis Myung is a freelance communications and social media consultant and a blogger at Napkin Hoarder. Phyllis is learning to prioritize self care, but still struggles with caregiver guilt. Where and when do you feel most competent? Probably at church – the expectation is not to be perfect, so I feel like I can stand […]

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