The Best New Products for Caregivers

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We all know self care for caregivers is critical. And, we all know executing a self care plan can be next to impossible when we are sandwiched between our parents, our jobs, and our kids. While nothing beats exercise, sleep, and healthy eating, sometimes simply treating ourselves can go a long way.

Last weekend I attended BlogHer, the largest conference of women online influencers, where I got to see and sample new products and services that can bring a little joy and relaxation to a busy caregiver. Here are my five favorite personal treats from the conference.


nutrition on the go


Balance Bars, and specifically, the Chocolate Peppermint Patty Balance Bar

I am not a nutrition bar girl.  I think most of them taste like a mix of shredded paper and peanuts. But the marketing rep at BlogHer told me to just take a few samples and, wow! That Chocolate Peppermint Patty bar was pure happiness. And, it turns out, they are full of lean protein and fiber and are less than 200 calories. And did I mention they taste like happiness? Throw some in your bag and snack on the go!



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Rocky Mountain Oils

So many women in the Working Daughter Facebook Group have been raving about the benefits of essential oils lately that I decided to stop by the Rocky Mountain Oils booth to learn more. The whole diffuser system and learning about the different oils always seemed like one more thing I didn’t have time for. Turns out (as most of you probably know) the concept is pretty simple. You can either release essential oils into the air via a diffuser or dab some on your pulse points. My favorite is lavender, known for aiding in relaxation and sleep.




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Embassy Suites

You can take the girl out of marketing, but you can’t take marketing out of the girl. I walked up to the Embassy Suites rep at BlogHer and asked, “What are your objectives for this conference?” I guess a normal person would have just said, “Hello.” Anyway, I learned that all of the rooms at the hotel are two room suites, ideal for vacationing with your kids, and your parents. And, they serve complimentary wine every night! I think it’s time for a long weekend.



thank you note


Caregivers often struggle with asking for help – a critical step in taking care of yourself!  Would you ask more often if you knew you would follow up with the best thank you note ever – one made out of chocolate? Chocotelegram lets you send personalized notes on a chocolate bar. How cool is that?



self care f or caregivers

Why You’re So Awesome Journal

This journal, my favorite find at BlogHer, also makes a good thank you gift. But may I recommend you gift it to yourself? As a caregiver, you cannot be told enough how awesome you are. This journal walks you through some fun prompts that remind you how great you are doing a great job caregiver.



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