Our 10 Favorite Oreo and Wine Pairings

oreos and wine

Sometimes Oreos and wine are for dinner. Amirite? That’s just facts.

Like sometimes, your mother is in the hospital and your father is in memory care and your kid needs help with homework and your boss is displeased with you and your spouse is watching ESPN and you don’t have time to make an organic, keto, free-range dish so, Oreos.

Or sometimes, you’re so tired your bones hurt and your mother has dementia and it crushes you to see her decline and you don’t even feel like eating but you really want a glass of wine and you know if you don’t eat something it could get ugly so, Oreos.

Or maybe sometimes, you decide to throw yourself an I-can’t believe-this-is-my-life pity party on a Friday night after a 9-day week and Oreos and wine are pity party staples, so…Oreos…and wine.

Lucky for you, we’re here to help. Get inspired by our favorite Oreo and wine pairings. Love Merlot? May we suggest Double Stuff?

Before we share our favorite Oreo and wine pairings, here are  a few general guidelines.

1. Your Oreos should complement your wine, and vice versa. Are you looking to slip into that end-of-day relaxed state with something light-bodied and dry?  Then you want a cookie to match the mood. Consider a Golden Oreo, or a Classic.

2. Full-bodied reds pair best with Double Stuff – both the chocolate and the golden cookies.

3. Be careful with aromatic, sweet wines. You may think a so-called dessert wine is made for an Oreo, but think again. That said, if Muscat or Riesling are all you have in, may we suggest a Red Velvet Oreo?

4. Champagne is incredibly versatile and goes with every Oreo on the market, although it is particularly delicious with Oreo Thins.

And now, here are our 10 favorite Oreo and Wine Pairings:

oreos and wine

1. Golden Oreos and Sauvignon Blanc

2. Classic Oreos and Chardonnay

3. Birthday Cake Oreos and Viognier

4. White Fudge Dipped Oreo Thins and Champagne

5. Oreo Bites and Rose

6. Chocolate Marshmallow Oreos and Cabernet Sauvignon

7. Mint Oreos and Malbec

8. Chocolate Oreo Thins and Red Zinfandel

9. Fudge Covered Oreos and Gewurztraminer

10. An entire bag of Oreos and wine from a box


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  1. AC Reply

    Are Oreo Bites (#5 paired with rose) referring to British Oreo Bites, or are those the same as American Oreo Minis?

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