November is National Family Caregivers Month

We Have Much To Do!

no one should do this alone

November is National Family Caregivers Month, a time to honor the millions of Americans who prove invaluable care to family members. In honor of the month, The White House issued a proclamation acknowledging, “The cost of care in this country is too high, and the pay for care workers is too low.  A majority of Americans struggle to find affordable, high-quality care for themselves and their loved ones.  At the same time, care workers remain among the lowest-paid workers in the country, though their jobs are some of the most demanding… As a result, many Americans are forced to leave their own jobs behind to care for their loved ones.”

The state of care is in crisis and the burden falls on family members. In fact, the economic value of unpaid care is $600 billion. At Working Daughter, we will continue to advocate for changes that make care and career compatible. Women, especially, carry an enormous load of unpaid care and often make career decisions that negatively impact their long term financial security in order to accommodate their caregiving responsibilities.

Our Best Places to Work for Working Daughters program highlights the companies that support family caregivers. Our WD At Work program, works with employers to support family caregivers at work. Our private Facebook group offers a place for family caregivers to get support from peers and know they are not alone. And on November 21, we celebrate National Working Daughters Day, to note the incredible contribution of the women who are caring for our most vulnerable citizens – while balancing careers, raising children, and more, and to raise awareness for all they do.

Thank you Working Daughters. We see you and we appreciate you.

no one should do this alone


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