November Is National Family Caregivers Month: Let’s Celebrate You!

November is National Family Caregivers Month and per the Caregiver Action Network this year’s theme is “Take Care to Give Care.” Here at Working Daughter, we’re going to celebrate the month, and more importantly, the millions of working daughters caring for family and friends, by sharing some great giveaways and tips to help you care for yourself.


Too often family caregivers feel selfish putting their own needs first. Or, they just can’t imagine making the time to take care of themselves. But think about it: if we don’t take care of ourselves, and we get sick, who will take over our caregiving roles? We need to stay healthy because people rely on us. When you think about it from that perspective, doesn’t it seem selfish not to take care of yourself?

careThen there is the perspective that our lives matter too and that we should prioritize self care because we deserve to take good care of ourselves. As the Working Daughter Bill of Rights states, “You have the right to have a life.” Where is it written that our lives become less important than the lives of the people we care for? It isn’t written anywhere. But many caregivers, perhaps wanting to appear as if they have no qualms about their caregiving responsibilities, adopt a selfless persona – projecting on the outside that they have no other needs, wants, or interests outside of their caregiving. C’mon! How many of us really feel that way? More likely we have moments of selflessness but we also have moments of frustration, exhaustion, and anger. We wonder, “Why me?” We worry, “Will I ever get to enjoy life?” We whisper, “I can’t take it anymore,” when no one can hear us. These thoughts don’t make us bad caregivers. They make us human! And as humans, we need to take care of ourselves. It’s that simple.

So, all this month we’ll be sharing ways to take so we can give care. We’re giving away some products to care and pamper for yourself. We’ll share our caregiving confessions to prove our negative thoughts are normal. We’ll have some tips on how to find the time for self care. We’re celebrating YOU, working daughters, all month long.

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