New Series From Amazon Written For the 40+ Crowd

In the Working Daughter world, Saturdays are the days we try to do something just for us. Today I spent the afternoon watching “The Other F Word,” a dramatic comedy series by award-winning filmmaker Caytha Jentis, on Amazon. (Full disclosure: I was compensated for reviewing the show. All opinions are my own.)


The F word in this case stands for ages 40 and 50, a time when many women start to feel invisible. Hollywood rarely writes for this demographic. If you watch TV you might think life for women ends at 39 and then starts back up at the grandmother stage. So it’s refreshing to have a series that features women in midlife.

The series about four female friends starts off strong; I laughed out loud just 38 seconds into the first episode. The show tackles topics including ageism, sexism, returning to work after raising children, dating after divorce, and female friendship. At times, the characters come off too much like stereotypes but then again so do the Real Housewives of everywhere — at least this show is fiction. But at other times, the show hits a very real chord like when one of the characters loses her husband and must come to terms with life as a widow. In my small suburb, I know of at least four women whose husbands have passed away in the last few years. It’s a tough topic, but it’s painfully real.

Even though “The Other F Word” can be over the top at times, it is refreshing to watch a show that acknowledges this time of life. I have only a few months left of my 40s and it has been one intense decade. I’ve watched friends struggle – through eldercare, divorce, empty nests, death of spouses, parents, and children. I’ve also seen them achieve great things, share great wine, enjoy their empty nests, and have lots of fun. This series tackles the full spectrum and it’s worth the watch.

The Other F Word Trailer from The Other F Word on Vimeo.

The cast includes recognizable actors including Steve Guttenberg, Michael Boatman, and Reiko Aylesworth. Although Amy, played by Stephanie Little is my favorite.


Check out the “The Other F Word” here on Amazon. Better yet, call some girlfriends and watch it together. You can “like” the show on Facebook and follow on Twitter too.



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