Nevertheless, She Persisted: Working Daughter Battle Cry

Last night, Senator Elizabeth Warren was silenced on the Senate floor and told to “take her seat” by her male colleagues. Explaining why he interrupted Warren’s speech, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said, “She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.”

“Nevertheless she persisted.”

Overnight, McConnell’s words became a rallying cry for women — for women who have been silenced, for women who have been told to sit down, for women who have been served up doubt and discreditation when they spoke their mind, for women who had every obstacle thrown at them but didn’t give up, for women who got sh*t done. That sounds like every feminist heroine we know. That sounds like every working daughter I know. 

This is our battle cry working daughters!

When the doctor doesn’t listen to us, we persist.

When we can’t find affordable, reliable, quality healthcare, we persist.

When we recognize that the paid caregivers we rely on deserve better wages and benefits, we persist.

When we face bureaucracy and red tape while trying to obtain services for our parents, we persist.

When corporate America isn’t flexible, we persist.

When we want the estimated 37 billion hours of “free” care family caregivers provide to be valued, we persist.

When our legislators fail to prioritize legislation that will ease our challenges and our parents’ challenges, we persist.

When we think we have no more to give, we persist.

Together, we are stronger working daughters, and we will persist.

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