My Grandbox and 3 Other Subscription Boxes For Caregivers

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As we’ve said before, your life is complicated but you still need to look pulled together and professional when you get to work. Your free time is limited so you need to focus on what matters most and simplify everything else. And, you deserve a little treat sometimes. So here are four more subscriptions boxes to try. Some of these deliver the stuff you need right to your back door, some of them deliver monthly treats simply to make you smile, and one of them is designed specifically for eldercare. How cool is that? (For info on more subscription services click here.)

Ipsy is a beauty product subscription service. You need to put your best face forward, but who has time to hang out in Sephora? While I haven’t tried this service yet, everyone is buzzing about it lately. Ipsy offers the Glam Bag program. For $10 each month you receive 5 sample or full-sized products including makeup, skincare, hair care, and nail care, plus a makeup bag. Do note, there is a wait list for the service so you may not start receiving your Glam Bag right away.

Wantable is a clothing subscription service that handpicks items for you based on a style quiz and then delivers them to you monthly. You keep what you love and return the rest. What sets Wantable apart from the rest is it offers fitness clothes and we all know that self care is so important for caregivers. Maybe a cute little workout outfit is the motivation you need to get moving. The styling fee for the Fitness “Edit” is $20. (I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t call out that I dislike the fact Wantable doesn’t show a range of body shapes and sizes on their site.)

Lip Monthly is pretty much what the name implies: a delivery of lip products every month. The boxes include 4 or 5 full-sized items including lipsticks, pencils, and glosses. Full disclosure: the company sent me 3 free boxes to review. Each month, I typically kept two items and discarded two (translation gave to my daughter to play with) because the color was wrong for me. I had never heard of any of the brands so I can’t speak to the ingredients or manufacturing process, but the products went on well and had lasting power. The only thing I didn’t like about the subscription was the makeup bags that were included felt cheap and a few had a cheap vinyl smell. Lip Monthly is $12.95 per month.

My Grandbox is a monthly subscription box just for seniors. Why not send the seniors in your life a care package every month? Designed for people who live far away from family, My Grandbox selects a few gifts each month like puzzles, chocolate, and lotions, and lets you include personal photos and letters in each shipment. The service is $33 per month.



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  1. Keri Walsh Reply

    I love this list. I would also like to share the newly launched subscription box created specifically for caregivers, The Love Yourself Box.
    The Love Yourself Box was designed to help caregivers make daily self-care an attainable reality. Each month caregivers receive a monthly affirmation, self-care checklist and 4-6 products to help them practice self-care.
    Find out more info at

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