Live Chat: Balancing Work and Caregiving

Please join us this Wednesday, May 18th at noon ET for a live chat on balancing work and caregiving. The event is hosted by Home Instead. You can REGISTER HERE. You can also submit questions in advance by emailing We have a long way to go in making eldercare and career more compatible and this chat will provide tips and resources to help. 

Just last month, the Washington Post reported that four times as many Americans left work to care for an adult family members than those who stopped working to care for children during the pandemic. Four times!!! I’m actually not surprised, just grateful to finally have the data to support what we have all known and experienced in the Working Daughter community.

Working daughters often have to cut back on hours, use up all of their paid time off (if they get paid time off!), pass up promotions, or quit working altogether in order to balance care and work. This isn’t sustainable!

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