Life After Caregiving Workshop

Feeling like you lost your groove? Time to rebuild your life but you don’t know where to start? We’ve been there and we can help. Join this 5 week workshop and start living the life you deserve!

Next session starts May 17. REGISTER HERE.

Whether you are focused on reentering the workforce or revamping your career, rebuilding your social life, improving your health and fitness, rediscovering what brings you joy, or all of the above, we’ll guide you through the steps you need to take to rebuild your post-caregiving life.

“For years my life revolved around caregiving for my father.  My father died in late 2020 and the challenge in this new phase was what to do next.  I’d not had the time or the energy to give it much thought and the Working Daughter “Life After Caregiving” workshop provided the structure and support to identify to formulate an individual plan and take steps to make it a reality.   The support and feedback from Liz and the other workshop attendees was just what I needed.   I highly recommend this workshop!”


What you’ll get: Weekly videos and action sheets plus curated content that will walk you through key areas of your life and create your actionable Life After Caregiving Plan.

Access to and support from the Life After Caregiving Community.

“Working Daughter was such a lifesaver all while I was caring for my father.  After he passed, I continued to check in to give and receive  support from this wonderful community while taking care of his affairs.  
Moving on is hard, and Liz O’Donnell was ready to help with that, too. I took her workshop on Life After Caregiving and really appreciated being able to chat with Liz and others, and the exercises to move forward step by step.  When you suddenly have a hole in your life and are so out of practice with doing for yourself, this workshop will help you heal and renew.”


Next session starts May 17. REGISTER HERE.