4 Miracle Bags That Charge Your Phone

Everpurse Frieda

bags that chargeYou cannot afford to miss a call. Your kids. the school. Your parents. The doctor. Clients. The boss. And now you don’t have to. No more searching for an outlet everywhere you go. No more lugging around an extra battery pack. Just grab your phone, your keys, your bag, and you’re good to go.

Here are four miracle bags that charge your phone and carry your stuff.


HButler MightyPurse $119.99

This leopard envelope bag can be carried three ways: with a shoulder strap, as a wristlet or as a clutch. It is compatible with all smartphones with a micro USB port. Simply plug into the adapter inside (included with bag).

Everpurse Quentin

Everpurse Quentin Julia $198

This stylish leather wristlet is the result of a partnership between Kate Spade and Everpurse. Simply drop your phone in the bag, which also has room for keys, credit cards and lipstick, and it will connect to the charger.

Everpurse FriedaEverpurse Frieda $698

This gorgeous leather Kate Spade bag has a pocket inside that charges your phone. Simply place the phone on the Everpurse charger overnight to charge it for the next day. Everpurse Frieda

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 7.51.22 AM

emPowered All in One $85

This snakeskin wristlet can also be carried as a crossbody or shoulder bag. You need to buy an Apple certified MFi lighting adapter to charge your phone. One downside, you can’t zip the bag while the phone is charging.


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  1. Lee Gaitan Reply

    OMG, these are so cool, and I had no idea they existed–apparently, the rock I’ve been living under shut out more light than I realized! They are all really stylish and I appreciate that you included all price points. Great info, still in time for Xmas shopping, thanks!

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