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At Working Daughter, we’re redefining caregiving.

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Several years ago, both of my parents were diagnosed with terminal illnesses – on the same day! I struggled to do all that needed to be done for them while trying to be a mother to my children, partner to my husband, and stay employed! I consumed more white wine and Twizzlers than I care to admit and I thought I would lose my career, my marriage, and my sanity. But I didn’t! Not only did I survive my caregiving experience, it transformed my life. And now I am committed to making sure no other caregiver has to go it alone. I want other working daughters like me to realize the caregiver’s gain – the proven emotional and physical benefits that can result from caregiving. (Read The Surprising Ways Caregiving Can Make You Healthy.)

There is a better way. You don’t need to go it alone. Help is available. Support is here. Caregiving and having a life, a career, a family, your health, and peace of mind, don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

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