DriFit Highlights Lifes Big Changes

DriFit partnered with influencers like me to promote this new campaign. As such, I received compensation for my time. The opinions and thoughts in this piece are my own.

Talking about adult incontinence products may be a bit uncomfortable for the general population, but for family caregivers, it’s merely shop talk. Caregiving is not for the weak and few, if any, topics are taboo.

That’s why I like this video from DriFit™, makers of feminine care and adult incontinence products. It takes an honest approach highlighting what we caregivers understand: whether it’s a first period, first child, or first incident of incontinence, the biggest changes in life are often the most difficult. (And I dare you not to cry while watching it!) Thanks for keeping it real DriFit.

For more information and a full list of retailers who carry DriFit, visit MadeWithDriFit.com.


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