Free Download: Checklist for Choosing a Senior Living Referral Agency

Check out our free download: Checklist for Choosing a Senior Living Referral Agency. If you or your parent decide it’s time for your parent to move into a senior living facility, or if through illness or crisis the decision is made for you, consider working with a senior living referral agency. These agencies will match you with appropriate facilities in your community. Often, they do not charge for the service because they receive referral fees from the facilities in which they place clients. woman pushing wheelchair

A good agency will visit with the senior to assess their needs and understand their wishes. A bad agency will merely spit out a list of facilities nearby that will pay them the referral fee. A good agency will offer to tour facilities with you and counsel you through the lease/contract. A good agency will know staff at the facilities. A bad agency will not provide these personalized services.

So what is your checklist for choosing a senior living referral agency? We’ve put together a checklist of the questions you need to ask. You can download it here.

Caregiver Checklist Choosing Senior Housing Agency Senior Housing Checklist

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