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What To Do With Your Parents’ Stuff

How do you get rid of your parents’ stuff? It’s time to tackle the stuff! Maybe you got your parents to agree to start decluttering. Maybe they need to downsize. Or maybe, you are tackling this project on your own, after a move to memory care, or perhaps, after a parent passes away.

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Why You Need a Plan for Life After Caregiving

And Why You Need to Act On It Now Too often I hear from working daughters that their life as they once knew it is over now that they are caring for an another person. Their careers, relationships, and health suffer. They can no longer remember what brought them joy. I understand how they feel […]

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What To Do With Your Parent’s Stuff

A Step By Step Guide Bringing up the topic of decluttering Ideally, you can start talking to your parents about their stuff before anyone actually has to deal with it. Like all potentially sensitive conversations, tread lightly and even though you might initiate the conversation, let your parents lead the discussion. Some potential conversation starters: […]

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