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Support Caregiver Voices on #GivingTuesday

Working daughters need to be seen and heard. Too often the work we do, the care we give, is invisible to others. But if ever there was a group of people too busy to do the advocacy work needed to make positive change – to be heard – it’s us. Family caregivers are too busy […]

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Working Daughter Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Looking for the perfect gift for your parents, your kids, your boss, the nursing home staff, or maybe just for you? Look no further. We’ve got ideas for everyone on your list in our 2017 Working Daughter Holiday Gift Guide. For your Mom: Spoil the woman who gave you life with this ultra luxurious whipped […]

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What’s Good? A Gratitude Practice, for Starters

Sometimes as caregivers, we forget that we have anything to be happy about. Every morning we wake up to face overwhelming to-do lists, scary medical news, and possible end-of-life moments. But we’re waking up, and that’s something to be thankful for! Research shows that taking the time to acknowledge what we are thankful for can […]

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A Day In The Life of a Caregiver: Rena McDaniel

In honor of National Family Caregiver’s Month, we’ve asked some special guests to tell us about 24 hours in their life as a working daughter. Today’s post from Rena McDaniel, blogger at The Diary of An Alzheimer’s Caregiver, is third in our series. When I first agreed to write this post I thought I’d write about a so-called “normal” […]

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Asking for Help: Overcoming Common Barriers and Obstacles

Recently I was talking to a group of working daughters and the conversation, perhaps inevitably, turned to siblings who don’t pull their fair share, or help out at all. “Sounds like we should talk about how to ask for and get the help we need,” I said. Two of the women looked at me, puzzled. […]

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Happy Healthy Caregiver

A Day In the Life Of A Caregiver: Elizabeth Miller

This is the second post in our Day In the Life of a Caregiver Series. Today’s post is from Elizabeth Miller, creator of the Happy Healthy Caregiver site and podcast. To set the scene, I recorded this day in the life on a weekday in July of 2015. I had been the primary caregiver for my […]

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A Day In The Life of a Caregiver: Colleen Kavanaugh

In honor of National Family Caregiver’s Month, we’ve asked some special guests to tell us about 24 hours in their life as a working daughter. Today’s post is from Colleen Kavanaugh, host of the podcast, The After Life: Stories of Transformation After Loss. 8:30 a.m. Having gotten my 10-year old son on the bus for his day at […]

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Don’t Forget the Caregiver!

This National Family Caregiver’s Month, our friends at Seniorlink have produced the most beautiful video featuring the amazing Pam Montana reminding people to “remember the caregivers. “You can watch it below. And for more on Pam Montana, you can follow her incredible journey here. Also, check out my guest blog post on the Seniorlink site, “Why […]

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The 24/7 Self-Care Kit for Caregivers

For the last three years, I slept with my iPhone under my pillow. If I was out somewhere with my kids and my battery was low, I battled with two teens for use of the back-up charger. In meetings, I kept my cell phone on the conference room table – a violation of company norms. […]

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Daughterhood Helps On The Job Too

Last week, The Boston Globe interviewed five working mothers about, “how motherhood has helped them on the job,” as part of its Women & Power package. How I wish they would also highlight how daughterhood helps on the job too. The mothers featured in the article credited motherhood with on-the-job purpose, delegation skills, self-respect, open-mindedness, and […]

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19 Things Only Working Daughters Understand

The life of a working daughter, a women balancing eldercare and career, isn’t easy. And many of us are also raising children at the same time. We’re not sure how we do it, but we get it done. Here are 19 truths about life as a working daughter that only a fellow caregiver will understand.   […]

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