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If This Holiday Is a First: 5 Steps for Coping

Let’s be honest. The holidays can be challenging, even under the best of circumstances. Food, family and festivities are supposed to be fun but often just feel like added stress in your already busy life. And if you are experiencing a “first,” the holidays are that much more challenging – the first holiday with your […]

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How to Talk to Family Members That Aren’t Contributing to the Work

This is a sponsored post from Freedom Care in New York. When it comes to caring for our aging parents and family members, the responsibility usually falls to one person. It’s not because others don’t want to help, but there is usually one person in the family, often the oldest sibling, who feels the need […]

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Worksheet: Build Your Team

Smart working daughters build a team to support them. Download this worksheet to help you identify the people who can support you from friends and neighbors who can help with rides to appointments and soccer practice, to doctors and specialists you can rely on to support your parent(s), to friends who listen and lift you […]

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girl's soccer team

The 6 Types of People Every Working Daughter Should Have on Her Team

I believe caregiving should be a team sport, but too often we go it alone. Caregivers often report feeling isolated and lonely with too few options to turn to for help. It shouldn’t be that way! Smart working daughters build a team to support them. Here are the 6 types of people every working daughter […]

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Checklist: The Medical Forms You Must Have

If you care for an aging or sick parent, do not leave home without these 5 items. You never know when a medical emergency might arise and you want to be prepared to make smart, timely decisions. These 5 items will ensure your family member receives the best care possible based on any existing medical […]

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Caregivers Are Part of the Team

Hello medical professional. Do you see me me over here in the corner in the not too comfortable chair? I’m the one who drove your patient to the hospital today. I’m the one who took time off from work and will be working late tonight as a result.  I’m the one who will sit here […]

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When You Suck At Accepting Help

I’ve long said that the six most annoying words anyone can say to a caregiver are, “You need to take care of yourself.” Why? Because, no sh*t. You don’t think we know that? You don’t think we are acutely aware that we can’t go down because there are people depending on us, and, well, because […]

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Manage Your Expectations; Manage Your Stress

My Dad always used to say, “Hope for the best, but expect (and prep for) the worst.” I think about those words a lot as a caregiver. On the one hand, I am really trying to be mindful of the vibes I put into the universe, and so I feel like I should only focus […]

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More Tips On Balancing Caregiving and A Career

FACT: Caregiving WILL impact your career. Also a FACT: There are steps you can take to minimize that impact. Recently I had the opportunity to share some “Advice to my younger self” on Sara Holz’s podcast of the same name. And what would I tell my younger self about balancing caregiving and career? Lean in […]

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The Working Daughter Manifesto

The working daughter manifesto is our battle cry. This is the way we balance eldercare with career and kids and life. As a result, we make this life work for us. Get an 8×10 glossy poster here.

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letter to self

Write A Letter To Yourself

Part three  in our series on caregiving with intention. Recently I discovered the podcast Advice to My Younger Self when host Sara Holtz invited me on the show. The interview got me thinking about. “If I knew then what I know now…” More than the tactical advice I’d share, (like always book the first appointment after lunch with […]

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