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8 Tips for Caring for Someone with Incontinence

This is sponsored content written by me in partnership with Depend® brand. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Lookout for a special offer from Depend brand at the end of this post.  “A hidden condition that is secreted by many and often feared due to loss of independence and quality of life.” This is […]

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Despite the Stress, Caregiving ‘Very Meaningful’

In the Working Daughter community, we talk about how two different things can be true at the same time. Like when a sibling finally steps up and helps out with caregiving but… struggles with it. We may be grateful for the support, but also gratified that they are finally experiencing our daily challenges.  Or, we […]

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6 Reasons To Practice Self-Care

Yeah, yeah, we know. The term self-care has become almost as trite as the term “girl boss.” Self-care is used to describe everything from getting a mammogram to spoiling ourselves with a  trip to Sephora.  So what exactly is self-care? In Psych Central, self-care is defined as, “any activity that we do deliberately in order […]

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10 Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Working Daughter

Family caregivers cycle through so many different feelings in a day. Don’t add an extra loop to their emotional roller coaster – make sure you know the 10 things you should never say to a working daughter.  1. I don’t know how you do it. Neither do I. And you know what? If I stop to […]

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Working Caregivers Feel Unsupported, At Risk

While American workers face great pressures trying to balance work and care, employers are not offering the benefits these caregivers want. As a result, working caregivers often feel unsupported, and in many cases, at risk, at work, according to a new report from the Harvard Business School Project on Managing the Future of Work. The […]

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How to Initiate Difficult Conversations with Your Aging Parents

Initiating certain conversations with our aging parents can be intimidating. Whether the topic is  giving up driving, moving to a senior living community, accepting more help, or adhering to doctor’s orders, just thinking about broaching the topic can make us want to bury our heads in the sand like an ostrich. But when it comes […]

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5 Things To Do in January if You Are Caring for an Aging Parent

We love January. It’s the do-over month. A time to get the proverbial house in order. And if you are caring for an aging parent, the literal house too.  January is a great time to assess your parent’s situation and set them, and you, up for success in 2019. Here are 5 things to do […]

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5 Things Successful Women Do in January

Do you have visions of a new year, new you? January feels so full of hope, doesn’t it? Well stop dreaming of a good year and start doing. Here are 5 things successful women do in January to set the tone for a good year – and you can do too! 1. Clean out their […]

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7 Things To Do in January for a Successful 2019 at Work

January is a working woman’s back-to-school – a clean slate. Think new outfit, new office supplies, and better study – or work, habits. Use this month wisely to prepare for a successful year at work – no matter what curve balls life throws you in the coming months. Here are 7 things to do in […]

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4 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

Happy New Year! Resolutions are so easy to make but so damn challenging to keep. Not to worry. Here are 4 resolutions that will help you hit the reset button, and, that you will be able to stick to well past January 31. 1. Practice gratitude. Research shows that taking the time to acknowledge what […]

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holiday gift guide

Working Daughter Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Working daughters, especially those balancing eldercare, career, and kids, need to be super efficient with their time. So if you’re going to savor any of the sweetness of this holiday season, you need your holiday shopping to go smoothly. We’ve got you covered this year with our 2018 Working Daughter Holiday Gift Guide. There are […]

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