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What To Do When Your Elderly Parent Is Hospitalized

When Your Elderly Parent Is in the Hospital, This Is Critical

When your elderly parent is in the hospital, you need to know with 100 percent certainty if they were actually admitted or not. Even if a patient spends the night in the hospital, that doesn’t guarantee they were admitted. They may have been kept on observation status. And hospital status matters because it affects how […]

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gratitude practice

The Obligatory “What I’m Thankful For” Post

Happy Thanksgiving Working Daughters! I want you to know, I am thankful for you. I started this site and our Facebook group one year ago, and I am thankful that we continue to grow each month because, “No one should do this alone!” I am thankful for those long days when I don’t log onto my computer […]

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holiday tips for caregivers

7 Holiday Rules for Caregivers

Follow these holiday rules*  to decrease your stress and increase your joy during the holidays. Lower your standards. You work hard all year. You don’t need to prove anything today. So what that the house is a little messy or the dinner is overcooked or your Dad fell asleep before dinner? All of that pales […]

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compassionate care

I Am Thankful For Compassionate Care

Recently I attended the Kenneth B. Schwartz Compassionate Healthcare Dinner. The event, hosted by the Schwartz Center for Compassionate Care, recognizes healthcare professionals who exemplify extraordinary devotion and compassion in caring for patients and families. It was a moving event and it got me thinking about the doctors, nurses and volunteers, who have shown my family […]

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elderly couple

Home for the Holidays? 5 Signs Your Aging Parents Need More Help

Heading home for the holidays? Here are 5 signs your aging parents may need more help. Mail: Are your parents losing their handle on their bills? Is their mail piling up unopened? Do they seem susceptible to offers in junk mail? A simple fix is to offer to help with bill paying and, if they […]

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egg timer

Gratitude Hack: Give Thanks!

It may not be the tryptophan causing you to nod off after your turkey dinner on Thanksgiving; it may be the thanks you gave around the dining room table. Practicing gratitude reduces stress, and lower stress levels can lead to better sleep. University of California Davis psychology professor Robert Emmons told WebMD, “Gratitude research is beginning to […]

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daughters with older parents

Managing Caregiver Guilt: Focus on Actions, Not Thoughts

When we are called selfless, and tireless; when people talk about our sacrifice; when we do a Google images search for eldercare and this is what we see:(behold the chokehold!), we think all other caregivers must be perfect. Clearly, every other caregiver goes about their busy and overwhelming day full of love and smiles and grace and […]

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handle with care

Handle With Care: Post Election Advice for Caregivers

Caregiving is challenging on an ordinary day. On an extraordinary day, like today, the challenges increase. Regardless of your political leanings, there is no denying this presidential election has been incredibly stressful. And regardless of how you feel about the outcome, there is no denying we are a country with much work to do. And […]

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As You Head To The Polls: The Candidates On Caregiving

Earlier this election year, I wrote about Secretary Hillary Clinton’ proposed tax credit for caregivers taking care of elderly or disabled family members and I wrote that we would hopefully see “much more emphasis on caregiving from the presidential candidates.” But alas, crickets. This election cycle has been one like we have never witnessed before […]

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national family caregiver month

Please Don’t Call Us Selfless

Dear President Obama, I want to thank you for your proclamation in recognition of National Family Caregiver’s Month. As an advocate for family caregivers, and one myself, acknowledgements like yours make our work visible and that is so important. You see, so often we feel invisible in what we do. We hear leaders like you […]

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national family caregiver month

November Is National Family Caregivers Month: Let’s Celebrate You!

November is National Family Caregivers Month and per the Caregiver Action Network this year’s theme is “Take Care to Give Care.” Here at Working Daughter, we’re going to celebrate the month, and more importantly, the millions of working daughters caring for family and friends, by sharing some great giveaways and tips to help you care […]

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caregiver hacks

Caregiver Hacks: For Stress-Free Doctor’s Visits

Are you looking for resources to help you manage eldercare? Become a member of Working Daughter to access our exclusive content. CLICK HERE to join. You will receive tools and tips, coaching, and access to a supportive community that understands the challenges of balancing life and caregiving.

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