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Mister Spock

5 Tips for Managing Your Emotions At Work          

  For years I thought I was rather unemotional. Boy was I wrong. I blame my lack of insight on Mr. Spock and the fact that I dined with the first officer of the starship Enterprise most nights of my youth. My father was a Trekkie and so my family watched Star Trek reruns while […]

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finding balance

Finding Balance: Identify Your Non-Negotiables

Do you have difficulty saying no? Many women suffer from the “good girl syndrome.” We are raised to be good daughters, good students, good employees, good wives, good mothers, and good adult daughters. We work hard to be helpful and nice because we were raised to be that way and we come to believe that […]

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brian lehrer show

Working Daughters on the Brian Lehrer Show

I had the pleasure of joining The Brian Lehrer Show (WNYC) to discuss the challenges facing unpaid caregivers.The callers had great comments, questions, suggestions, and insights. We covered long term-care insurance, tax credits for caregivers, the importance of self-care, and the legislation we need to support working, family caregivers. You can listen here. And let’s keep the […]

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time poverty

Time Poverty: The Working Daughter’s Struggle

In her 2016 annual letter, co-written with her husband Bill, philanthropist Melinda Gates talks about “time poverty,” the absence of a critical resource needed to realize your potential. This time deficit stems from unpaid work that Gates defines as, “cooking, cleaning, and caring for children and the elderly,” and she writes, “it’s overwhelmingly women who […]

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running a meeting

How To Run An Effective Meeting

Years ago I read an article about female faculty members who were frustrated that meetings at their university started late and ran long. The article was about gender bias at work. At the time I remember thinking, “How are poorly managed meetings a women’s issue? Aren’t they just the plight of workers everywhere?” Actually, they […]

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work life balance

Parents, Not Parenting, A Bigger Work-Life Challenge?

“You’re mother should come live with you,” the doctor said, “Why isn’t she getting out more? You don’t call her every day?” “I travel a lot,” I stammered. “My sister calls her every day.” He proceeded to tell me about a seminar he attended, at Harvard he noted, about the importance of socialization for the […]

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how to take a vacation when you are a caregiver

How to Take a Vacation: Regardless of Corporate Culture or Caregiving Duties

“Is it too soon?” This is how I start my vacation request emails to my boss. That’s because every time I return from a vacation, I submit another request for more time off. Vacations remind me what’s good – spending time with my family, reading books, sleeping late, and logging off. Sadly, not everyone gets that reminder. […]

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sleep deprivation

6 Ways to Get Through the Day On No Sleep

Insomnia happens. Combine caregiving with midlife hormones and Bam! some nights you find yourself binge watching The Good Wife or trying to chase those 3 a.m. demons from your mind. (Why is it always 3 a.m.?) But in the morning, the alarm goes off as scheduled and you still need to function. Here are 6 ways to get […]

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career advice for caregivers

7 Ways to Stay Relevant at Work

As working daughters we know we can’t predict when caregiving will hit. But one thing we do know, based on data from the National Alliance for Caregiving and the AARP, is that caregiving often hits at a very precarious point in a woman’s career. The research tells us that the average caregiver is female, married, in her late […]

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balancing work and caregiving

Juggling Career and Care: Podcast

Denise Brown of hosts a popular podcast called “Your Caregiving Journey.” I was a guest on the show this week talking about the caregiving and career juggle. You can tune in here.    

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how to get organized at work

7 Ways to Get Organized at Work and Prep for the New Year

Are you working this week? Take advantage of how many other people took end-of-year vacation and use what will hopefully be a quiet week to get organized for 2016. Here are 7 things you can do to prepare for the new year. Unsubscribe to emails you never read. During the year you had good intentions of […]

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