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7 Steps to Help You Plan for Life After Caregiving

Part two in our series on caregiving with intention. Does the idea of life after caregiving make your insides knot up? Is that because when you read those words your emotions feel like the little metal ball in a pinball machine bouncing from excitement to guilt to relief to sadness?   It’s okay to admit […]

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Daughterhood Helps On The Job Too

Last week, The Boston Globe interviewed five working mothers about, “how motherhood has helped them on the job,” as part of its Women & Power package. How I wish they would also highlight how daughterhood helps on the job too. The mothers featured in the article credited motherhood with on-the-job purpose, delegation skills, self-respect, open-mindedness, and […]

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Can You Caregiver-Proof Your Career?

Eldercare and career don’t always feel compatible, but millions of people work outside the home while also caring for an aging and or ill family member or friend. According to research, the majority of caregivers struggle at work as a result of their caregiving. Sixty percent report that they cut back their hours, change jobs or quit as a […]

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Why We Need More Bereavement Leave

My father died on a Friday. I made his funeral arrangements over the weekend and went to work on Monday. My company offers three days of bereavement leave for a family member. The funeral was planned for Wednesday, so I took that day off, of course, plus Tuesday and Thursday. Tuesday I took my daughter […]

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Report Highlights Challenges of Working Female Caregivers

A recent report from Home Instead Inc. highlights the challenges of working female caregivers of older adults. Women are twice as likely as men to spend more than 30 hours a week on caregiving. Women are more stressed than men are due to caregiving responsibilities. Gender-based pay inequity creates issues for female caregivers, as thirty-seven […]

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3 Steps To Take Now To Prepare You for Caregiving

Are you looking for resources to help you manage eldercare? Become a member of Working Daughter to access our exclusive content. CLICK HERE to join. You will receive tools and tips, coaching, and access to a supportive community that understands the challenges of balancing life and caregiving.

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Revisiting The Crisis Facing America’s Working Daughters

It’s been exactly one year since I published an article in The Atlantic titled, “The Crisis Facing America’s Working Daughters,” and so I want to examine what has changed for family caregivers in that time. Last year I wrote, “For America’s working daughters, there is little to help them navigate between their careers and the needs of their […]

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7 Ways to Get Organized at Work (And Caregiver-Proof Your Career)

We all know working while caregiving has its challenges. So it’s incumbent upon you to set yourself up for success as best you can. That way, when caregiving does impact your job this year (and you should expect that it will!), your reputation, your inbox, your projects, and your network are all strong enough to weather the storm. […]

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“How Does She Do It All?” Is The Wrong Question

Today in the Working Daughter Facebook Group, a member raised the issue of women who seem to be able to do it all. She wanted to know what we thought of a suggestion to ask seemingly successful women what they don’t do, instead of asking how they accomplish so much. I am a proponent of […]

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Managing Caregiver Guilt: Focus on Actions, Not Thoughts

When we are called selfless, and tireless; when people talk about our sacrifice; when we do a Google images search for eldercare and this is what we see:(behold the chokehold!), we think all other caregivers must be perfect. Clearly, every other caregiver goes about their busy and overwhelming day full of love and smiles and grace and […]

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