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Father's Day gift guide 2024

Father’s Day Gift Guide for Older Dads

To help you celebrate your father this year, we’ve compiled the best Father’s Day gifts for older Dads. And if your looking for ways to spend Sunday, June 16 with him, check out our tips on age friendly outings. Father’s Day Gift Guide For the Dad who loves to read… You can’t go wrong with […]

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National Working Daughters Day

Today is National Working Daughters Day

Today, November 21, is National Working Daughters Day. Three years ago, we decided to declare the third Tuesday in November, which is National Family Caregivers Month, as National Working Daughters Day (NWDD). Working Daughter didn’t have a marketing budget to create a day of recognition, but we did have an army of working daughters in […]

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thanksgiving dinner

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS: Broaching Tough Topics With Your Aging Parents

For many working daughters, the holidays may be your best opportunity for having difficult conversations with your aging parents. As if the holiday season isn’t stressful enough! Here’s some advice on how to broach touchy topics like moving to assisted living, giving up a driver’s license, or getting in-home assistance during your visit. Remember, it’s a process. The “conversation” […]

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mand and woman wearing carezips

CareZips Make Incontinence Care Easier

Remember we told you about CareZips, pants for adults living with changes related to incontinence, mobility, and/or cognitive abilities? They’ve been updated, and, we have a discount for you! CareZips® were invented by Molly Dye, whose mother was living with Alzheimer’s. Molly observed caregivers struggling to change her mother’s adult briefs and knew there had […]

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kid crawling

To the Working Daughter crawling across the finish line of 2020

To the Working Daughter crawling across the finish line of 2020, we see you!  To the one who has cared for others all year and forgotten about herself, we care about you! To the one who thinks she just can’t make it another day of this trying, terrifying year, we’ve got you!  To the one […]

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National Working Daughters Day

Announcing National Working Daughters Day

On November 17 We Will Honor the Millions of Unpaid Caregivers Supporting Aging Parents The first National Working Daughters Day, on November 17, will honor the millions of women who are caring for aging parents while working and often raising children too. National Working Daughters Day takes place during National Family Caregivers Month. There are […]

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7 Strategies for Dealing with Grief in the Time of COVID

Many describe grief as waves, and I agree. Sometimes grief hits like a tidal wave and you think everything you know and love will be destroyed by it. Sometimes it feels like an onslaught of big waves that threaten to suck you under; surely you will drown. With time, grief feels more like the tide. […]

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elderly father mask

Father’s Day During COVID

Guest post Father’s Day is approaching.  If your dad is in an assisted living or nursing facility, showing your love is a challenge due to the regulations regarding visitors during the COVID-19 outbreak.  Here are a few tips for making his day special: 1.     Visits?  Yes, Maybe!  Just in the past couple of weeks, communities have started […]

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working daughter podcast logo

Season 2 of the Working Daughter Podcast is Here

Season 2 of the Working Daughter podcast is here. Season 2 is a three-part series aimed at the millions of Americans caring for aging parents during the coronavirus crisis. Episodes address the challenges related to caregiving during the pandemic. Family caregivers are under tremendous amounts of stress right now and it’s important they feel both […]

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older woman with cane

Tips for Caring for Family Members with Dementia

Guest post by Melissa Andrews Learning your family member has dementia can leave you feeling scared and uncertain for their future. This is a new obstacle that both you and your family member have to face, so don’t be afraid to ask questions or seek assisted home care. The good news is, you are not […]

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holiday gift guide

The Working Daughter Holiday Gift Guide 2019

If, like me, you have no intention of walking into a store between now and January 2, but you do want to show appreciation for the people in your life who get you through the ups and downs of working daughterhood, fret not! The Working Daughter Holiday Gift Guide 2019 has gift ideas for everyone […]

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