Caregiver News Roundup Nov. 22, 2015

ICYMIIn case you missed it, here’s a roundup of caregiver related stories and news from around the web.

From Elle: Taking Care of a Parent is the Ultimate Test of Adulthood A personal essay about coming of age as an adult caregiver.

From Wicked Local Concord: Holidays bring opportunity to review elder care Great list of “red flags” to look for if you’re visiting aging relatives this holiday season.

From Pew Research: 5 facts about family caregivers Six-in-ten caregivers are employed, including nearly half who work full-time. You’re not alone.

From the Center for American Progress: Administering Paid Family and Medical Leave Learning from International and Domestic Examples A report on the state of paid leave in the United States with examples of policies that could work and how to implement them.



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