Caregiver News Roundup Jan. 10, 2016

ICYMIIn case you missed them, here’s a roundup of caregiver related stories and news from around the web:

The San Diego Tribune is running a series called “Family caregiving: Stories of perseverance.” It’s a fantastic read and reminder we are not alone.

The Northwest Herald reminds us caregivers cannot forget their own care. Easier said than done!

The New York Times writes about the U.B.I., a universal basic income that reimburses “mothers and other caregivers for the heavy lifting they now do free of charge.”

And in The Bangor Daily News, a heartbreaking essay that I think many of us who have lost a parent, grandparent or other relative can relate to: romanticizing and missing caregiving. It’s easy to think “what-if” and forget about the day-to-day pressures that exist for caregivers.


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