Caregiver News Roundup Feb. 7, 2016

icymifebIn case you missed it, here is the news from around the web related to caregivers.

The AARP published a great article about how family dynamics inform our caregiving. I particularly love this part, “Make decisions based on your values, not old scores…Living that value through caregiving doesn’t completely erase the pain of a flawed past relationship. But it affirms that you are not so hamstrung by old hurts that you can’t rise above them and be the kind of person you wish your parent, sibling or whomever you’re caring for had been.”

Forbes also ran a cautionary tale about siblings coordinating care and the importance of long term financial planning.

The Huffington Post raises an important issue, and one your parents may not mention. What happens when your parents no longer feel safe in their neighborhood?

Next Avenue tells the inspiring story of a doctor who decided to change nursing homes for the better. He created a Garden of Eden-like environment (minus the original sin I presume).


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