Find out why audiences call Liz funny, relatable, honest, and brilliant.

A former family caregiver (four times over), Liz is a recognized expert on working while caregiving and has delivered keynotes to many different audiences including at the MetroWest Conference for Women, Harvard University, the Marketing to Moms Conference, and the Women Leading Government Conference.

Praise for Liz

“Attendees LOVED YOU…and so did we. We were so proud to feature you on the M2Moms stage.  Thank you for making us laugh and learn in the process. You are an extraordinarily talented woman! “ – Nan McCann, Marketing to Moms Conference

“Liz O’Donnell strikes a remarkable balance between engaging storytelling, sharing her own candid and often hilarious commentary, and educator presenting jaw-dropping statistics that paint a clear picture of what it’s like to be a working mom in today’s society.” – Jenny Powers, Running in Heels

“Liz wrapped our keynote platform with a bright bow!  She was incredible – funny, relatable, honest, and brilliant. Loved every minute.”- Jen Maseda, MetroWest Conference for Women

“Liz is the real deal, telling it like it is and her, ‘We’re all in this together’ mentality is a breath of fresh air. Our attendees laughed, nodded their heads in agreement and all vowed to help support one another in the juggle of being a working mother. She not only shares a multitude of life experiences with her audience, she also opens spaces for women and men to give voice to their own experiences and live their lives more broadly.” – Paige Meltzer, Wake Forest University

“Engaging, insightful, and humorous, Liz held the interest of the room as she shared stories and advice.” – Deborah Spark, Women in Technology International16 

“Liz was funny, sincere, relatable and honest. My guests came up to me after and told me how much they loved her. The women could relate to everything she spoke about. Thank you, Liz, for speaking the truth. – Ceylan Rowe, Mommy Business BFF

Sample Speaking Topics

Balancing care and career: Caregiving and career often feel incompatible. But they shouldn’t be! Participants will learn strategies for success at work and at home.

Achieving the caregiver’s gain: Yes, caregiving can be a burden, but did you know, caregiver’s can realize tremendous psychological, emotional and even physical benefits from caring for someone else? Learn how.

Disrupting Caregiving: Caregiving will disrupt your life. Unless you disrupt it first! Learn the seven steps you can take.

Supporting Caregivers, A Business Imperative: Caregiving costs businesses $6.6 billion due to workday interruptions, absenteeism and attrition. For managers and HR, this workshop will teach you how to keep caregivers (productive) at work.

Past Appearances

Outside Speaker Series Longwood Outside, Brookline, Mass September 5

Jenks Center, Winchester, Mass September 22     

Ellevate, Boston, Mass September 25

Preach Chairman Mom San Francisco Oct. 7

Logitech private event Oct. 8

South Shore Conference for Women Keynote Quincy October 11

Talk and Book Signing: Scandinavian Center, Newton, Mass October 17

Seniorlink private event November 6

MIT, November 12, Cambridge, Mass

Traditions of Dedham, November 14

Livable Dedham, January 28

Wellthy, private event, February

OC Public Libraries Tustin, California February 18

Cigna, private event, September 16

Falmouth Public Library, Falmouth, Mass, September 16

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Women, Wine & Wall Street, March 5, Quincy, Mass

Northeast HR Association, online, October 14

SHRM Inclusion, online, October 20

Starcomm, private event, October 28

University of Baltimore, Maryland, March 9, 2021

Merrimack Conference for Women, April, 2021