Balancing Kids and Aging Parents: What Kind of Sandwich Are You?


Are you living life in the sandwich, raising children while caring for aging parents? According to Pew Research, approximately half of adults in their 40s and 50s have a parent age 65 or older and are either raising a young child or financially supporting a grown child.

So what kind of sandwich are you? Mostly, I am fried egg on Irish soda bread. It has to be fried – like my mind feels most of the time – and the soda bread represents my ancestory. But when I was living through crisis and both of my parents were hospitalized at the same time, I wasn’t just a sandwich, I was a panini! You know the kind of sandwich where they press the bread?

Sandwich toaster with toast closeup

What about you? Are you maybe a BLT? Are you providing financial support, or bacon, to your family members?

Are you a club sandwich, with kids, and parents and grandparents?

Club Sandwich Close up on White Background

Are you chicken salad? A little afraid of this whole caregiving gig? It scares all of us sometimes.

Or maybe you’ve got this whole caregiving thing under control and so you must be a cucumber sandwich. So cool.

Maybe you’re a lobster roll – caregiving has softened you and you have shed your shell.

Maybe, like Pew’s research suggests, you are part of the majority of the sandwich generation that is happy with their lives overall. Then you must be a fluffernutter! 


This caregiving gig can be so serious so let’s have a little fun. Tell me! What kind of sandwich are you?


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8 comments on “Balancing Kids and Aging Parents: What Kind of Sandwich Are You?”

  1. Janice | MostlyBlogging Reply

    Funny post comparing us to sandwiches. I don’t know what kind I am. My dad is gone, and my 80+ year old mother is pretty independent. She is the ephemeral teenager. She doesn’t live near me. As a result, I don’t see her much. What kind do you think I am?

  2. Paula Kiger Reply

    HA! I love this but I’m finding it challenging to represent my sandwich. I like sourdough bread but I’m not sure it represents my sandwich-ness. If I went with that, I’d do sourdough bread, some kind of meat (ham?) because it’s got muscle, maybe honey ham to be a *TINY* bit sweet among the struggle, and sriracha because ….. caregiving by its nature has moments that make you HOT. 🙂

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