Announcing National Working Daughters Day

On November 17 We Will Honor the Millions of Unpaid Caregivers Supporting Aging Parents

The first National Working Daughters Day, on November 17, will honor the millions of women who are caring for aging parents while working and often raising children too. National Working Daughters Day takes place during National Family Caregivers Month.

There are approximately 44 million unpaid eldercare providers in the United States according to the U.S. Census Bureau and the majority are women. These “working daughters” often find they need to switch to a less demanding job, take time off, or quit work altogether in order to make time for their care-related duties.  In fact, a study from MetLife and the National Alliance for Caregiving calculated women lose an average $324,044 in compensation due to caregiving. While 40 percent of all family caregivers are men, women have historically shouldered a greater share of domestic responsibilities, including eldercare, and have been significantly affected by the COVID crisis, with many leaving the workforce to support family members.

We created National Working Daughters Day to recognize the incredible contribution of the women who are caring for our most vulnerable citizens – while balancing careers, raising children, and more. Caregiving and work are not always compatible – but they can be, and they need to be. With 10,000 people turning 65 every day in this country, and more and more family members called upon to support them, we need to have a national conversation about how we support caregivers at work. Companies like Cigna, Hank, Hebrew SeniorLife and Starcom are all participating in this important day.

To honor National Working Daughters Day, we are hosting a free online celebration on November 17 at 8 p.m. ET.  Registration is required The event is co-sponsored by  Depend®, ianacare mobile app, lifeinmotionguide.comand Pria by Black + Decker.

For more information, including how to get involved, visit


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