Activities for Aging Parents Isolated Due To The Coronavirus Outbreak

Is your aging parent isolated in a senior living facility or alone at home, unable to receive visitors due to the coronavirus outbreak? Are you worried that they are bored, or worse, feeling abandoned? We’ve got some ideas for activities you can send them to help them pass the time and remind them how much you care.*


stuffed animal for dementia

Joy For All Companion Pet While it won’t replace the real deal, these lifelike pets get rave reviews from seniors and adult children alike. These stuffed animals look, feel, and sound like the real thing. Built-in sensor technology, lets them respond to petting and move like real cats and dogs.

Arts & Crafts

activities for people with dementia

Large Print Adult Coloring Book with Flowers & Easy Designs According to the Cleveland Clinic, coloring relaxes your brain and draws attention away from whatever night be worrying you. Perfect right now!

activities for people with dementia paint kit

Reusable Water Paints Indulge your parents creative side with reusable water paints. All they will need to add is a paint brush and a glass of water. Clean up is easy too.

Brain Games

Large Print Word Search Perhaps a good search is more appealing than an art project to your parent. Send them a large print word search to while away some time.

Joggin’ Your Noggin Word Games Or maybe send a variety of brain games – good for maintaining cognitive ability!

puzzles for people with dementia

Active Minds Jigsaw Puzzles Jigsaw puzzles are another great way to keep brains active. And these puzzles are easy to see, hold and put together. Plus, they were chosen for National Dementia Care Awards, so they are good for parents in memory care too.


Film Collection DVD Musical DVDs, especially ones that bring back memories of movies from the past like Singin’ In the Rain and Yankee Doodle Dandy, are great pick me ups. And even busy staff should have time to help your parent get the DVD player started if needed.


Letters to My Grandchild Kit Give your parents the opportunity to connect with other family members. Send them this collection of twelve letters they can fill in with words of wisdom for their grandchildren.

You can also visit the Working Daughter Store for even more gift ideas. Everything in it has been selected by working daughters for working daughters.

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