Caregiver News Roundup Dec. 27, 2015

ICYMIIn case you missed it, here’s our caregiver news roundup of stories from around the web:

Marketwatch has tips on tipping your eldercare provider. It’s not too late to give.

The New York Times followed six people over the age of 85 for a year and has published a fantastic article on the wisdom and perspective of the elderly.

Also from The New York Times, an op-ed on the city’s new parental leave policy that unfortunately does not extend to workers without children and who may have elderly parents or other family members who need care.

The Miami Herald has a useful article on how to talk to your aging parents about money.

And one more from The New York Times: interesting data on American families and how they lean on one another for financial and practical support. Did you know: the typical American lives only 18 miles from his or her mother.


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