8 Daycation Ideas for Working Daughters

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Working Daughter you need a vacation. I know. I know. You can’t make it happen. There’s work and care, and care, and work and bills. Besides, the stress of planning for a vacation feels like it outweighs the benefit of actually taking one, right?

Okay then don’t take a full-fledged vacation. But promise me, you’ll take a daycation. A daycation: one day just for you. You can make this happen and I won’t entertain your excuses.

“I don’t have the time.”  Do you have time to be incapacitated by stress? Do you have the time to grovel after you lose it in front of your boss or family members? Didn’t think so. Book a day off.

“I have too much work.” Good news/bad news. Good news (although this may be a bit painful to hear): not all of the work you do is necessary. Laundry can wait. Dishes can hang out in a sink. Emails can remain unanswered  – unless they are from your boss or your customers. Some work is just busy work. Bad news: Work is always there. Whether you do it today or tomorrow, you will do it. Not all work comes with a deadline. So don’t sweat it!

“Nobody else can do my job/take care of my parent.” Simply not true. Perhaps no one else can do it like you do it or as well as you do it. Perhaps your parent, boss, children and clients only want you. If you’re that in demand, you are in a position to get what you want. And you know you want just one day to yourself. Hire a caregiver for a day. Set your out of office. Ask a coworker for backup. Tell (don’t ask) a sibling that mom or dad needs help next Wednesday so they better start planning. If they share the DNA, they can share the care for 24 measly hours. It won’t be perfect, but perfect is overrated anyway.

“I can’t afford it.” You can’t afford not to. Researchers have linked overwork to cardiovascular risks like strokes and heart attacks. You’re a caregiver – you need to stay healthy.

Okay? Now, how to spend that daycation? Not to worry, we’ve got 8 daycation ideas for you.

1. Get zen. Many communities have retreat centers that offer affordable overnight accommodations or simply peaceful, beautiful grounds where you can regroup and recharge for a day. Search the web for meditation centers and divinity centers near you.

2. Book a spa day. Get pampered. You deserve it. Repeat. You deserve it.

3. Go to a luxury resort. Many exclusive pools, clubs and high end hotels offer day passes so you can take advantage of luxury amenities without paying the equivalent of your  mortgage for a membership. Download the app DayPass to find and book a day of pampering.

4. Escape overnight on a budget. Is there a Marriott Courtyard or a Holiday Inn in your town? Book a night. A suburban no frills hotel or motel stay will cost less than $200. It’s nothing fancy but it’s a great value. You will get clean sheets, movies on demand, solitude, and free coffee in the morning.

5. Go to an art museum. Check your local library for free museum passes and then set out to see every wing of your local art museum. Start with a latte in the coffee shop followed by a self guided tour. Wonder at the classics. Admire the impressionists. Pretend to “get” the contemporary art. Grab a salad in the museum restaurant and then go visit the mummies in the Egyptian wing.

6. Plan your own itinerary. What would your perfect day look like? Go ahead and book it. Breakfast at the local diner? A movie in the middle of the afternoon? Reading a book all day in your backyard beach (all you need is a comfy beach chair, some sunscreen and an ice cold drink)? The only rule, you only take calls if there is a true emergency.

7. Hit the beach. There is nothing simpler than a day at the beach. Sunscreen. Towel. Chair. Book. Go!

8. Scream. We mean the good kind of screaming, of course. Grab a friend and head to the nearest amusement park. Feel like a kid again and blow off steam as your heart pounds, the adrenaline flows and you seek a thrill on the scariest, fastest, windiest ride they have.

Block a day now on your calendar. You will be a better daughter, mother, employee, boss and person by gifting yourself just 24 hours.


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