6 Best Non-Caregiving Apps for Working Daughters

Balancing eldercare with career, kids, and life in general, takes skill, strength and all the extra support you can find. These 6 apps for working daughters will help you navigate your busy days and weeks as a caregiver.

Sit or Squat This app by Charmin (yes the toilet paper people) helps you find clean bathrooms. And, between seniors, young kids, and middle age, who isn’t always looking for a clean restroom ?

Headspace. You know self-care is important? But how can you make time for you? Start by downloading Headspace, a meditation app. Start with 3 minutes a day. The results will be worth it.

Audible. Because waiting is a fact of caregiving. And because good books make waiting less painful.

Starbucks. Because caregivers don’t have time to wait – even for a caffeine pick me up. Download this app and skip the line.

Spotify. Because how else can you play the Working Daughter playlist?

Waze. There is no longer any excuse to be stuck in traffic. Let Waze do the navigating for you. It finds the best route, reroutes when it can, and it alerts you to slow downs, potholes, and police.

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