2016 Working Daughter Holiday Gift Guide

Note: This holiday gift guide may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase.)

Looking for the perfect gift for your parents, your bestie, your boss, the home health aide, or maybe just for you? We’ve got you covered with our 2016 Working Daughter Holiday Gift Guide.


Your mom: Cashmere throw. Go ahead – pamper her from Amazon.


Your dadIzola Shoe Horn. It’s practical, it’s beautifully crafted, and it delivers a great message, “No one can fill my father’s shoes.”  from Amazon


Your bestie: Kate Spade Reach for the Stars necklace. She plays a starring role in your life. So doesn’t she deserve this?  from Amazon


The family caregiver who takes care of everything: Ms. Betty’s Busy Bitches – Get Shit Done soy candle. Have truer words been spoken? $21 from Etsy


The person who has everything: A giant swan floatie. You may think they have everything, but do they have a giant floating swan? No? Well don’t you think they would love one? At 75” it’s big enough for two at Amazon.


The family caregiver who’s hanging on by a threadLetters to My Future Self. A set of 12 fold-and-mail letters with prompts that inspires self-reflection. Encourage her to write a letter to her future self, because things will get better and she can look back some day and reflect on the lessons life is throwing at her now from Amazon


The friend who just can’t recover from the presidential election: Under the Influence wine glasses. Help her dull the pain with a  set of 4 stemless wine glasses. They are etched with the words: Lit, Buzzed, Juiced and Toasted. $50 from Uncommon Goods.


Your significant other: Virtual Reality headset. You both need an escape, but who has time? Let this VR headset from Samsung take you away from Amazon


Your boss: F-bomb paperweight. Help her speak her truth without saying a word from Amazon


The home health aide: Monthly hand-picked flower delivery. Tell her you appreciate her – every month. Starting at $39.99/month from BloomsyBox.


You: You’re the Shit: A totally inappropriate self-affirming adult coloring book. You need to relax. You need some positive affirmations. This coloring book provides all of that. The drawings include uplifting messages like “You’ve got this” and “You are a metric shit ton of awesome.” It’s true from Amazon.



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  1. Judith Henry Reply

    Wow, Liz. You have really nailed this list. I may have to get the ‘Under the Influence’ wine glasses for me. Wine and art supplies are my coping tools these days. 🙂

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