Hack Alert: CareZips

hack alertWhen Molly Dye moved her mother, who had Alzheimer’s, into a skilled nursing facility, she was determined to improve the process of changing an adult diaper. “After watching my mother and her caregiver struggle with her condition of incontinence and wearing the adult briefs; I gasped and immediately thought there has got to be a better way,” says Dye. And so she went home and created CareZips®.

CareZips are a unisex pant made with a three-zippered construction. Two-side zippers go from waist to knee and the third zipper opens inside one knee all the way up and down to the other inside knee.

CareZips allow a caregiver to more quickly and efficiently handle a change and help ease the physical strain involved. CareZips also create a more comfortable change experience for the patient and help them maintain their dignity. No more wiggling completely out of clothing and taking off socks and shoes.

CareZips sell for $56.99 at Amazon and other retailers.

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