10 Feel Good TV Shows To Watch With Your Elderly Parent During Shelter In Place

When you just can’t take one more of episode of Law and Order…

In these stressful times while caregiving during coronavirus, we all need a break from the relentless 24/7 cycle of bad news. That can be challenging if you are sheltering in place with your aging parent and their main source of entertainment these days is television. So change the channel!

Here’s our list of 10 feel good TV shows that you both can enjoy. No Law & Order. You’ve both seen every episode a bazillion times. No Blue Bloods. Good show but 1.) Chances are you’ve seen all of the episodes, many times. And 2) This list is gun -free, crime-free, stress free (with one exception).*

popcorn and remote

1. Golden Girls. A classic. And sure, you’ve probably seen every episode multiple times, but, hello?!? Betty White! Available on the Hallmark Channel, Hulu, Prime and iTunes.

2. Mary Tyler Moore. Speaking of Betty White, why not revisit the trials and tribulations of Mary Richards as she makes her way in Minneapolis? Available on Hulu, Prime and iTunes.

3. The Odd Couple Remember neatnik Felix and his sloppy, grumpy roommate Oscar? If you don’t, I bet your parents will! Five seasons are available on Hulu.

4. I Love Lucy Let the queen of comedy help you forget your troubles as you watch her mishaps and adventures. Available on the Hallmark Channel, Hulu and Prime.

5. Everybody Loves Raymond The Romanos have a way of making us laugh at ourselves while we laugh at them. And we all need a reason to laugh. Available on TBS.

6. Say Yes to the Dress Ultimate escapism! Lose yourself in a sea of white tulle watching brides choose outrageously expensive wedding dresses. Available on TLC.

7. My Lottery Dream Home More escapism. Spend an hour, or 6, imagining that 1. The days of social distancing are over. 2. You won the lottery. 3. You buy your dream home. A girl, and her aging parents, can dream. Available on HGTV.

8. The Waltons There’s always drama on Walton Mountain. But there’s plenty of family and love too. And who doesn’t need some of that? Available on the Hallmark Channel, Prime and iTunes.

9. Little House On the Prairie Another story full of drama that is always resolved with a heavy does of family and love. And I bet your mother always had a secret crush on Michael Landon – mine did! Available on UPTv, Prime and iTunes.

10. Bonanza* And speaking of my mother’s not-so-secret crushes, we’ll make an exception to the no gun rule for Ben Cartwright and his three sons keeping the peace on the Ponderosa. Plus a younger Michael Landon co-starts. Available on METV.

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